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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Down My Back
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: February 21st
Age: 23
Zodiac: Pisces
Body Type: Large
Smoking: I Don't Smoke
Drinking: I Drink Socially
Education: In College
Demeanor: Submissive
Safe Sex: No Way (I Love The Cum)
Anal: If I'm feeling generous...
Threesomes: An Extra Cock is always welcome...
Group Sex: The more dick the better...
About Me:

Hey guys! My name is Madison, I am a beautiful vivacious and free loving hottie. I am a sweet southern belle with a naughty side. I just got out of a relationship and not looking to be tied down unless its in the middle of a hot rendezvous. Some friends call me sweet, others call me the slutty southerner. I am hoping that I live up to both the titles.

I am looking to make the most out of my early 20's and always am up for trying new things. I have been delving into the wonderful world of role playing, totally a Daddy's girl at heart. Fantasies are running rampant in my mind including getting fucked by the father of the kids I babysit, school girl fantasies, thinking about that hot step brother who always is staring at my tits... the list goes on and on. Just thinking of all the delectable fantasies coming to mind is enough to make my plump pussy start tingling with excitement and my brain to start thinking up the newest and latest way to make us both cum!

During my down time from college I like to try and keep my body pleasantly plump but still in shape. Want to make sure even though there's more cushion for the pushin' that everything still falls nicely into place and when your slamming this juicy pussy from behind you have something nice to grab onto. The amount of squats that I do in a day ensure that you are going to have a tough time sliding your cock into this tight little asshole, but it doesn't mean I don't want you to try!

I am hoping that you are able to keep up with this vivacious vixen who just wants to have fun, get fucked hard, and be left wet and wanting more. I hope that you are able to teach me many new things but let me guide you into the depths of my deliciously pervasive mind. The things I am dreaming about doing to your cock right now is enough to make any man cum in his pants on the spot without even hearing the grand finale!

Gimme a call, lets get hot, and wet together while fucking each other to the point of sheer exhaustion.

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Anal, Babysitter, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Gangbang, Girl Next Door, School Girl, Step Daughter, Step Sister, Submissive Slut

Turn Ons:

Musky smelling cologne, beards, strong arms, big cocks, a guy who can go down on me for a long time, someone who likes an occasional quickie but can go for a long time, and someone who likes to delve deep into their fantasies and are secure in them.

Turn Offs:

A stinky man who doesn't know how to smell nice. Aside from that just any man who doesn't know how to use the three most powerful tools he was born with: his tongue, fingers and rock hard cock.

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