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Things to Know When You Call!
This may seem simple... I dial I pay I do a call... but...

#1. Our girls are never required to take any call they don't want to.
Make Your Selection We have ops to satisfy every fantasy, so look around and see what you like.

#2. You should Make Contact before calling when possible. We have "Status" Indicators that will say one of 4 things "Accepting Calls", "NOT Accepting Calls", "On A Call" or "On Vacation". While these indicators are useful for determining who is available they are not a guarantee. We suggest sending an IM or PM to make sure the op is indeed available. If you desire to make a prearranged appointment we suggest email.
Choose A Payment Option & Pay. We have three options as far as making payment. 1. You can pay using your credit card online. To do this click Pay Online on the menu bar. 2. You can pay online using Preferred Pay. Preferred Pay gives you the ability to pay with your credit card, or pay using funds from your Preferred Pay Account. To do this click Preferred Pay on the menu bar. 3. Pay over the phone. With this option your credit card information is taken directly from you by an operator over the phone.
#4. Payment Verification. Our girls will not do a call without verifying the payment. If you paid online please allow 3 to 5 minutes for our systems to deliver the payment notification. If you are paying with your credit card over the telephone you do not need to hang up and call again. Your call will be processed while you wait.

#5. We are not a call back service... if you pay online you must call the girl.

Below are a few rules that we ask you to follow before and during your call. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

A Few Rules !
Yes like everything else in life there are a few rules.

Rule #1. Please Do Not Begin Without your op Your fantasy does not begin until after payment is processed or verified, so please don't start before your op says she is ready.
Rule #2. Please do not argue about approvals. Our Credit Card processing has 2 steps. An automated credit card verification and a human verification. Before beginning your call our operators must visually check an AVS Code, (AVS = Address Verification System). If this code does not match our ops will not complete the call and the transaction authorization will be voided. If this code does not match our ops are allowed to verify the information you provided and then reprocess your card. Bad AVS Code transactions are typically voided with 24 hours.
Rule #3. Be polite. Until your fantasy begins our ops should be treated with the same respect you would give your local grocery clerk, or librarian. When your time expires this also applies.

We feel these rules are reasonable and easy to follow if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Mail Order or Cash Payments!
We are currently accepting MoneyOrders, WesternUnion, and similar payments and depositing them in a Preferred Pay account, Preferred Pay is our system for managing cash equivalent payments.

Preferred Pay. To use real world payment options such as Money Orders we now require that customers use our Preferred Pay system. Signup is free and the verification process is only for customers wanting to use their credit card.

Unused Payments, Refunds & Complaints!
We've updated a few policies and we wanted to let everyone know about it.

1. Unused Payments Policy. Any payment that is not marked in our records as completed within 7 days of the original payment will be refunded or voided automatically. We do not feel that our clients should be penalized for leading busy lives or not remembering that they've not used a payment.
2. Refunds are handled on a per item basis. We have found that defining our acceptable reasons for refunds tend to generate false claims. This is not fair to our operators or the management team that has to filter through the claims to determine which are valid and which are not. If you need help regarding an issue please contact us at .
3. Complaints (avoiding them). In all business their will always be complaints. As phone sex is something that is very personal and your needs and desires are unique from each and every client that we serve we ask that you attempt to communicate what you would like from your phone service operator as best you can. If you do not feel your operator has fulfilled your fantasy we would like to know about it so that we can maybe help her and give her some "ideas" as to how to improve. While your fantasies and desires are unique so are our ops. If one op is not exactly what you want another one of our ops may be able to offer exactly what you are looking for. We recommend that you "shop around" to see who does and does not meet your needs. It is also recommended that you purchase the minimum of 10 minutes before committing to a longer amount of time to a new op. If you keep these ideas in mind before placing your first call with our service or your first call with a new op we feel your experience will be greatly enhanced.
4. Complaints (when they happen). When something just isn't right or if you feel you haven't been treated fairly or properly we ask that you let your operator know politely before ending the call and then contact us @ . We ask that you explain the situation, give us an idea of how you feel it should be handled and we will get back to you. If for some reason you do not want to be contacted and just felt we should be aware of something let us know and we will not contact you. Complaints that are vulgar, rude, or obscene (excluding descriptions of acts involved in your fantasy) will be ignored. We will treat you professionally and we expect the same. Your complaints are a very important factor in our sites development we've taken great measures to improve upon our design and customer service. We developed a new call tracking system to help us better serve our clients, we initiated our new unused calls policy (see above) to help reduce complaints. We keep our web design and tech support personnel in house rather than contracting to someone that does not fully understand our needs.

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