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My daughter's soccer team voted me "All-American Mom." Who would ever guess that I am really an "All-American Slut?" It's so hard to keep up my squeaky clean facade when all I want is some large cock buried inside me. I know it's terrible, being the mom of a 13 year old daughter I'm supposed to be a role model for!! Sometimes, I watch her sleep at night. She's wearing a tiny little gown that shows off her new luscious curves and sweet pink nipples. So fresh and innocent, ripe, and delicious in her youth. Oh, she's gonna make men's cocks quiver with lust. And, yes, we can include her in your fantasy!!

Despite my demure face and modest attire , I'm a animal, a sexual savage. My fantasy is to be in a roomful of men, all jerking off on me. Men with wicked black cocks fucking me hard, making me scream and beg for their throbbing meat. I am very athletic, so don't expect to overpower me easily. I'm a contortionist so imagine the possibilities!! (giggles)

I am a gym fanatic. I love the smell of hot sweat. Dirty sweaty tennis shoes make my pussy throb. I love having a man lick my salty hot toes after a good work-out, sliding his tongue deep between each hot little pink toe-nailed piggy and rubbing his cock on my feet, between them, spewing cum all over them. I am so flexible that I can lick his cum off my feet!!

I'm a booty freak too!! I love licking a man's asshole,tongue-fucking him, making him quiver. I imagine myself slowly sliding my finger up into his tight hole until I find his prostate. I slowly stroke it until it throbs, while teasing his cock with the tip of my tongue. He begs me to fuck him harder. I pull out my strap-on with the big black cock.....(Come help me finish this fantasy role play!!It could be yours. Bring your toys and let's play.)

I am the sleaziest mama you'll ever bang. I'm loud with a wicked sense of humor and I love hot fantasy. Mommy knows how to make dirty boys comfortable and knows how to make them cum over and over. Make a play date with me now!!
My Favorite Phone Fantasies: Anal, Black Cock Slut, Bukkake, CBT, Fisting, Gangbang, Mommy Fantasies, Mutual Masturbation, Pantyhose & Stockings, Sensual Domination, and there's a few I can't mention here...
Turn Ons:   hard cock, cum all over my face, Viagra, wild imagination, outdoor sex, loud screamers, teenage boys, cheating with married men
Turn Offs:   BORING old men, limp dick, cum dribblers, quiet men, dentures, hairy gorillas
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