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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Down My Back
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Birthday: May 1st
Age: 30+
Zodiac: Taurus
Body Type: Petite
Smoking: I Don't Smoke
Drinking: I Drink Socially
Education: Master's Degree
Demeanor: Submissive
Safe Sex: Of Course
Anal: If I'm feeling generous...
Threesomes: Ménage à Trois, Ooo La La
Group Sex: Three is enough for me
About Me:

MMMMM...I am so glad you are here baby! I would love to share some things with you about me.

I am a MILF, and my sexual appetite suddenly went into overdrive when I turned 35. I just cannot control myself! I am checking out my son's friends, and I think he may even join in sometimes.

You see, I have taken the virginity of two of my son's friends, and I have fucked two more. It is hard to keep things on the low because they all text me all of the time!

Once you have had my sweet MILF pussy, you will never want another. It is so hot, and I get so wet it is crazy! I have started checking out random young guys as well.

This MILF knows what she's doing, and I will make you crazy with lust for me! I offer so many services - and I really love to give head. Ican take a cock down my throat like it is nothing.

Other types of sensual things that I like are roleplay and switching things up a little. I am a Switch, so I like to be a sub sometimes and then other times I like to take over my man with some light humiliation. I also love giving men the GFE,or Girfriend Experience. I can give you all that you need and make you want me all the time!

I was sexually repressed before I hit my 30's. Then I decided to let loose. My husband just cannot satisfy me. So I now look for cocks of all ages, but I really love those hot young studs!

Roleplay is so much fun! I can be anything you need - MILF, GF, or your secret addiction. I do have to tell you that the more you talk with me, the more you will want to talk to me some more. You won't be able to get me off of your mind. Let's explore our fantasies together!

I want to edge you slowly and take you to the ultimate climax. You will be so hot for me that you may blackout for a moment. Roleplaying with me is hot and wet and messy! You will be so hard and when I finally let you cum, you will feel like you are exploding. I love to makea guy crazy with my sexy body and my huge lust for cock. There are no taboos with this hot MILF! Remember your new favorite - Monica!

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1 877 438 7249
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