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I am Kathleen, a naughty mommy. I love it when you crawl right up in my lap and nurse on my pink, perky nipples. It makes my pussy lips quiver. I can feel the dampness between my legs just thinking about it.

I remember sneaking into your bedroom late at night. Pretending that I am going to tuck you in. I am going to tuck you in alright but it isn’t under the covers. I slowly begin to pull the covers back. Exposing you in your cute little boxers. I start to rub the inside of your thighs. I can see the bulge in your boxers start to grow and grow. I slide my hand right inside your boxers and start rubbing your cum sacs. I notice you start to stir. So I bend down and whisper in your ear, “It’s okay, just pretend it is Mommy hear to make you feel better and this will be our little secret.” I then bend down and place my nipple in your mouth so you can suck on it like a hungry baby. Oh that feels so good!

Or do you need a fresh diaper on your bottom? You naughty boy! Lay down and let me clean that mess of yours all up. But first I rub the outside of your diaper. I notice that smile on your face. Such a naughty boy. I open your diaper and take a wipe and start to clean around your nut sacs, then up and down the crack of your ass. I make sure you pee pee is all clean. Then I pat that bottom of yours telling you that you have been such a naughty, nasty boy. I sprinkle some powder on you. Have to make sure you smell all fresh and then close up your diaper. I tell you next time you mess in your diaper I will make you set it in for a while because you are to old for that.

Once again I caught you in my panty drawer. I see you putting on my pink panties. You must like the way the silks feels rubbing your cock and balls. I set and watch, trying to decide if I should punish you for it, fuck you or help dress you up. Adding a nice silk slip, some mascara and red lip stick and then take you out and make you a bitch. What do you think? Why don’t you call me and tell me. Mommy would love to play with you what ever it is that you desire!

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