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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married & Cheating
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Down My Back
Eye Color: Amber
Birthday: August 31st
Age: 30+
Zodiac: Virgo
Body Type: Average
Smoking: I Smoke Constantly
Drinking: Hard Liquor Gets My Panties Off
Education: Some College
Demeanor: Dominant
Safe Sex: No Way (I Love The Cum)
Anal: Totally Addicted
Threesomes: An Extra Cock is always welcome...
Group Sex: The more dick the better...
About Me:

I'm Jamie, your kinky MILF phone sex diva. I'm really into guys who are looking for an older, more sophisticated experience where I call all the shots. I love being in control and lending a helping, or forceful, hand. My body is perfection and my long red hair is as wild as I am. Come push some boundaries with me.

My husband loves how far I can push his boundaries. Did I mention I'm married? I am and he loves it when I make him watch. Hubby also loves it when I dress him up like a little sissy and make him my helper when I bring guys home. He does anything I want and begs me for more.

Sometimes I like to fool around with younger guys, too. The boy across the street home from college is always fun on a hot summer night. He sneaks out while his parents are sleeping and joins me in the pool for a few naughty strokes. I love hearing him moan and I send him home wet, exhausted and satisfied every time.

But sometimes one nasty boy isn't enough. There are just some nights when I feel so wild that only 3 or 4 will do. I just can't seem to get enough cock inside me to satisfy my cravings. Hubby doesn't know that when he's away on business I'm even getting it on with his son my stepson. While the hubby's away the kitten will play with all the boys. Hearing them jerk fast and hard for me makes me feel so good.

And I do anything and everything that feels good. I can be the naughty MILF next door, the hot older chick at the club or the strict sexy Step-Mommy. No fantasy is too kinky and nothing is off limits during my hot phone sex sessions.

I love taking everything to the next level and digging out your deepest, darkest fantasies...that itch you've never been able to fully scratch, the warm spot in the back of your mind when you're alone, stroking in bed. I want to feel every inch of you pulsating and throbbing during our nasty phone sex sessions. Let's find that one thing that can really get you there so I can hear you explode until you're totally drained.

Mistress Red is waiting!

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Anal, Cream Pie, Cuckold, Family Fun, Forced Feminization, Horny Housewife, Humiliation, Mommy Fantasies, Pantyhose & Stockings, Sensual Domination, Step Mom, Tease & Denial, and there's a few I can't mention here...

Turn Ons:

Cuckolds, sissy boys, forced fem, forced bi, strap-on play, gang-bangs (yours or mine). Basically anything kinky or taboo, the wilder the better! Your Mistress is waiting.

Turn Offs:

Closed-minded, boring old men. Come to me ready to experiment, or don't come at all.

1 877 889 4132
NOT Accepting Calls

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