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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Does it Matter
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: Feb 6th
Age: 18
Zodiac: Aquarius
Body Type: Petite
Smoking: I Don't Smoke
Drinking: I Drink Socially
Education: High School
Demeanor: Switch
Safe Sex: No Way (I Love The Cum)
Anal: Totally Addicted
Threesomes: An Extra Cock is always welcome...
Group Sex: The more dick the better...
About Me:

The name is Chastity, don't forget it. I might be young but I definitely have more experience than you~

I'm the whole package; hot, barely-legal, and a bitch. I couldn't wait for all the hot older men I would be able to get after I turned 18.
Since I turned 18 I was finally able to take as much dick as I wanted to. I don't give a shit if you have a wife, I need cock and I need it right now. I love dominating men, being able to use them and leave them leaves my pussy dripping. Wanna play?

I want a daddy who can afford me, can you fill that role? I'm a slut with the kinky streak the size of my sex drive. I'll do anything as long as it feels good. Right now I'm already wet from thinking about dick, not a minute goes by without thinking about sex. They say that men think of sex every 7 seconds, that's almost as often as me. I love taking any dick I can and I especially love to talk dirty as you desperately thrust into me like a dog.

I'll try anything once, if you want to do something just say so. The only thing I need in return is your time, attention, and body.
Whenever you call, you can be my special daddy, no one will know ;).

I'm spoiled to all hell, I deserve everything and I expect you to give it to me. Though... there was this one time my landlord came to my apartment. He always yells at me and tells me to be quiet! It's not my fault sex feels good! He once interrupted me in the middle of a call and then told me to continue the call! I tried to ignore his staring but I could tell he was going to do more than watch. That was the first time I was dominated and even though I didn't have the reigns I felt so turned on. I felt so naughty having sex while still in a call, though my daddy on the line was fine with it, but he said he wanted to do the same to me next time!

I'll be a brat but if you want to try and tame me then good luck daddy, I don't give in easily. I'm only a call away~

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Babysitter, BDSM, Cream Pie, Cuckold, Daddy's Girl, Girl Next Door, Pantyhose & Stockings, Slutty Teen, Step Daughter, Step Sister, Tease & Denial, & More...

Turn Ons:

I like I dominate my boys, if you behave I'll be sure to reward you~ Cowgirl is my favorite position, it's easier to keep you from cumming too fast. I'll sit on your face when I'm feeling generous.

Turn Offs:

Douche bags, cheap skates, and people who waste my time. >:(

1 877 889 4128
NOT Accepting Calls

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