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Age:   25
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Hi there, I'm Chantal and I want to make your fantasy call seem so real, you'll feel like I'm right beside you, stroking you as I whisper some of the naughtiest things you've ever heard, into your ear. My soft, sultry voice will lull you into total relaxation and then I'll take complete control of your cock and bring you to the most delicious orgasm you've ever had.

I'm a kinky MILF who loves really taboo and extreme fantasies so don't be afraid to let your inhibitions go when you dial my sexy hotline. I have no limits so anything goes when you're on the phone with me.

I specialize in incest roleplay fantasies, but that's not the only subject I enjoy. I love training a new cuckold or hearing stories about your real-time cuckold relationships. If you're a sissy boy or a panty boy who needs a little guidance with your feminization fantasies, I can make you feel totally comfortable as I dress you and share your experience with you. I'm a kinky cougar who will get into your mind and seduce you in every way possible.

I live life to the fullest and love sharing sexual experiences with my callers. I'm energetic, enthusiastic and a great conversationalist. I will listen to what you want and make your fantasy fit you, individually. Every call is completely unique, I don't take notes or read from scripts so your telephone experience will be one of a kind everytime.

When you're looking for a woman who can make all of your wet dreams come true, call an experienced and mature mommy like me! I'll put a smile on your face, everytime!

My Favorite Phone Fantasies: Anal, Cream Pie, Cuckold, Family Fun, Forced Feminization, Humiliation, Mommy Fantasies, Pantyhose & Stockings, Smoking, Tease & Denial, & More...
Turn Ons:   I love feeling a hard stud pounding into my pussy. Seducing younger men is something that really get's this cougar wet and juicy. Hearing a man cum is a huge turn-on! It gives me goose bumps every time!
Turn Offs:   Guys who tell me, word-for-word, what to say on a call. Tell me what you like and I promise to give you a totally exciting and original call every time. You won't find a boring script-reader here. Every call is personalized and unique.
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