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Hi Gentlemen, I am your new naughty playmate Misty. The one that you have been secretly admiring and fantasizing about. I may look innocent yes, but inside of me roars a tigress on the prowl. Why donít you take a walk on the wild side and letís explore each other darkest fantasies and deepest desires. I promise that I will take you to new levels of erotic fulfillment.

As you gaze upon my luscious body and feel my silky hair, you canít help but be captivated by my charms. As you gaze into my eyes cant you feel the burning desire of lust in them. Can you release the tiger that is within me and rapture my body. I will take you and we will become one. Let me show you what this kitten can do.

So come into my garden of Eden and eat the forbidden fruit. I am your goddess that is waiting for you to unleash the tiger. I bet you canít wait to cum into my world of untamed sex and wild desires.

Let me show you how a real women fucks. I can fuck you slow and easy or I can let the untamed animal in me take over. Let me wrap my lips around your cock and I will make you moan in ecstasy and you will want more. My pussy is just begging for you to slide that cock in and pound it. As you see I am an erotic, sexy bitch that loves it all. As I have no taboos. So call me now for a fuck of a lifetime.

Some of my favorite phone fantasies are Anal, Bitchy Teen, Black Cock Slut, Family Fun, Girl Next Door, Mutual Masturbation, School Girl, Seducing My Best Friend's Man, Slutty Teen, Submissive Slut, & More...

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Turn Ons: A man in a business suit, dancing to hot and erotic music, fine wine, being spoiled like a princess, hot sex and erotic conversations.
Turn Offs: Men who have no class or taste. A lack of confidence and rude people.
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