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Age: 19
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Do I remind you of anyone? Maybe a sexy secretary that works in your office or a schoolgirl that walks by your house every day after school in her too-tight outfits? Or maybe you just see a hot little sex kitten like me in your mind every time you jack off and imagine pounding my luscious holes until you climax deep inside of me.

Iím Jessica and Iím a 19 year old college student living off-campus. If I could pick three words to describe myself they would be ďkinky,Ē ďimaginative,Ē and ďcock-hungry.Ē Well, maybe the last one isnít really one word, but it sure as hell describes me! My lovers call me a total sex kitten and Iíll be the first to admit I just love fucking. Iím all about pleasure, after allÖ for you and for myself!

Since Iíve moved away to college Iíve really been stretching my sexual boundaries. My parents give me a monthly allowance Iím supposed to be using for school stuff but I just love to go out and get sexy short skirts, tight tops, and high heels instead! Donít tell but I even once used it to buy a really big dildo I had been eyeing at a local sex shop. I can just imagine how shocked my dad would be if he found out!

When it comes to sex Iím a total nymphomaniac. Iíll do anything in the bedroom, especially if itís kinky! Sucking cock gets me especially hot. Mmm, can you just imagine how my full lips would look wrapped around your rod, pumping away? I canÖ cupping your balls as I slide your stiff rod over my tongue, my mouth getting you soaking wet as I slip you in and you grab a handful of my long hair, moaning. Isnít that hot baby? Of course, after Iím done sucking you Iíll be so wet that Iíll be begging for you to fuck me hard. Bend me over and slide your rod against my shaved cunt lips until I canít take it anymore, and then surge deep inside. Grab onto handfuls of my hair and make me scream!

Iím into all kinds of hot, sexy fantasies and like to say Iím a ďno limitsĒ kind of girl when it comes to that. If you have any questions, just ask. Iíd love to be your little secret sex kitten too and make you feel SO good!

Ask me about my Play Mates!!!
We have soo much fun here @ Fantasies & Fetishes but sometimes we like to mix it up and do calls together. You can ask me for a two op ride with almost anyone on the site but if you want something really special my favorite(s) are...

Some of my favorite phone fantasies are Anal, Babysitter, Bitchy Teen, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Foot Fetishes, Gangbang, Golden Showers, Humiliation, School Girl, & More...

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Turn Ons: I really enjoy having a hard dick pushed down my throat, doing it doggy style, having my ass licked and fucked good and hard, getting descriptive and DIRTY on the phone, hearing a man stroke for me as we talk, and screaming as I cum nice and hard!
Turn Offs: I don't like it when men hold back sexually.
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