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Age: 23
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1 800 810 7897
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I delve into many fantasies and fetishes. If I'm inexperienced at it (and there's very little that I am), I am certainly open to discovering more with you. Anything your cock desires.. I'm here to satisfy.

I've known since I was very young that normal sex isn't for me. I need more than my cunt eaten out, more than my asshole fucked.. I need them both toyed, abused, and played with by many males and females alike. From strap-ons to gang bangs... from "daddy's special girl" to your little submissive slut, I'm the ONE to make your every fantasy come true.

The more I experience with my more kinky clientele, the more I want to experience. I love talking about "doggy style" hehe, if ya get my drift, and have even done a little real time! And who knows, as hot as it gets me I may be ready to take it all soon, and I can't tell you about it here, has to be on the phone. I have sucked them, jacked them off.. but I shouldn't be saying that here .. hehehe!

As you can see in my experiences I've done a great deal in the sexual aspect, experiencing what many only fantasize about. I want more, I want to explore the forbidden, the taboo, the most erotic of scenarios. Let me teach you, or maybe you have a few things you can teach me. I'm always wet and willing to try anything at least once! You'll love my ability to be dominant or a dirty cum slut, whatever pleases you and makes that cock of your explode!

Some of my favorite phone fantasies are Anal, Babysitter, Black Cock Slut, Bukkake, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Foot Fetishes, Gangbang, School Girl, Submissive Slut, and there's a few I can't mention here...

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Turn Ons: I'm one of those girls turned on by the taboo! You know what I mean, anything forbidden rocks my world. For many years I've found I just can't be satisfied by normal vanilla sex! I must be dirty, very very dirty!
Turn Offs: Unexperienced men, but I am more than willing to train and teach you! Phone Sex Leaderboard
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