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Age: 22
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My name is Alicia. I'm a 22-year old English major living in the south. I'm a born and bred southern girl, but by no means am I your normal redneck. I tend to think of myself as a refined, sweet southern princess that deserves to be treated with the most wonderful of care.

Being an English major, I totally get into the role playing aspect of this job. My favorite I love being a dirty little whore for older men. Come into my room at night, punish me for making bad grades, or show me how good my first time can be. No man will ever fuck me like an older man! Other scenarios I enjoy are the naughty girl, rock star groupie, forced scenarios, pantyboys, crossdressing, oral sex, anal sex, threesomes (I'm TOTALLY bisexual and love to fuck women), and so much more. Thinking of something special you don't see? ask!

I can be whoever you want me to be. Your willing toy, your bitchy lil princess ... or somewhere in between. Would you like to sample my sinful voice? mmmm...

I'm here, waiting, with an arsenal of toys.. for both me and you! You know you want to, so what are you waiting for? I need you to fuck me NOW!

Ask me about my Play Mates!!!
We have soo much fun here @ Fantasies & Fetishes but sometimes we like to mix it up and do calls together. You can ask me for a two op ride with almost anyone on the site but if you want something really special my favorite(s) are...

Some of my favorite phone fantasies are Bitchy Teen, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Girl Next Door, Mutual Masturbation, School Girl, Slutty Teen, Step Daughter, Step Sister, Submissive Slut, & More...

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Turn Ons: A strong touch, a firm hand ... I love a man that knows what he wants and isn't afraid to get it. Appeal to the literary side of me, help me weave a wonderful fantasy for you.. to know that my words get you off is the biggest turnon of all. And of cou
Turn Offs: The same old, everyday boring routine. People that are afraid to shake it up.. and of course, people that are rude and mean.
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