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Hi Sugar! My name is Tabitha, my friends call me Tabby and I am your sweet, adorable, southern girl, next door. I still live at home with my mom and I go to school part time. I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I also work at my mom’s bookstore when I am not busy with school.
I have always been very curious about sex. I remember the first time I played with my little pussy. It felt so good and wet. I remember my whole body shaking and how I felt like I was going to pass out! My whole body was hot! That experience changed my life.

I just recently lost my virginity to one of the guys I graduated high school with. I just turned 18 and he was visiting from college. Honey, when I felt his big hard cock slid into me and pop my cherry I thought I died and went to heaven! Feeling that prick moving in and out of me…MMM…MMM. MMM! I knew I was made for fucking! He was real sweet and tender with me. I think he unleashed some HOT Slut with- in me because I want more! The only problem is I can be real shy; but don’t worry just because I am shy in person doesn’t mean I am that way over the phone! And I am very open minded!

Recently when I was watching my mom’s book store while alone, I got an obscene phone call. My first reaction was shock and I almost hung up. After my initial shock wore off. I started to get sooo turned on! The guy was saying the dirtiest things to me and he sounded soooo hot! I was so curious and turned on! I got so wet and juicy that I couldn’t help but keep one eye on the door and one hand sneaked up my short little skirt! He was so surprised when I said to him, “MMM…That sounds HOT!” His breath quickens and we both came so hard over the phone! That is when I realized MMM! There is something to this phone sex…
That is why I am turning to phone sex. I thought this would be a fun safe way to satisfy some of those lusty urges of mine. I would love to get to know you better and share myself with you over the phone. I am hoping to have a good time with you. I am pretty open minded and I don’t have any inhibitions. I would love to tempt you with my sweet southern charms…

Wanna get kinky with me?


Some of my favorite phone fantasies are Babysitter, Bukkake, Daddy's Girl, Family Fun, Gangbang, Mutual Masturbation, School Girl, Slutty Teen, Step Sister, Submissive Slut, and there's a few I can't mention here...

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Turn Ons: Traveling, cooking, candle-lit bubble baths, Romance, hiking, Reading, Movies, music, honey suckle, smooth sexy talking older men, Sensual massage, having my feet played with, being told what to do.
Turn Offs: People that drive to slow,getting pop corn stuck between my teeth, running out of ice, and getting up early on the weekends.
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